Frequently Asked Questions

All dogs benefit from regular grooming. While some pets require a monthly grooming others can have grooming as little as 4 times a year (usually at the season change). Most breeds should be professionally groomed every 6 - 8 weeks, even short haired breeds. Grooming is necessary for the healthy development of hair follicles, the release of dead skin cells and hair, to remove excess oils, and or irritants. Frequent nail trimmings are perhaps the most important as nails that are touching the floor can cause severe join pain and permanent injury. Last but not least, so they can receive “Oooo’s and Ahh’s” from friends and family. Every dog needs a good ego boost every now and then.

When your puppy has reached the age of 12 weeks and has received the second set of shots from the Vet, the puppy has developed enough immunities to be in an area with other dogs. It is also important not to leave puppy’s first haircut until they have had their coat change (between 5 - 8 months) and are very long and matted. This leads to a long traumatic first haircut not a pleasant first impression. You can always just bring your pup in for a visit and a treat to make them more comfortable with the surroundings.

If you have a prescribed shampoo that was sold to you by your Veterinarian we encourage you to bring it with your pet, if not we have a large assortment of specialty shampoos that are designed for all of the complex issues that our clients may present.

A normal grooming day for your pet is from 3 to 5 hours depending on the complexity of your pet’s service that they are needing.

There are many reasons why it is important to regularly trim and care for your dog nails. Not only does improper care cause health problems for the dog, it also causes problems for you and your belongings. Proper dog nail care helps to prevent a number of potential problems, which include:

  • Ingrown toenails – causing redness, swelling, and discharge having a potent odor
  • Sore feet and legs
  • Joint pain
  • Discomfort when walking
  • Scratches to you, your furniture, and floors
  • Punctures to soft floor coverings such as linoleum and vinyl
  • Picking and tearing of furniture fabric, carpet, and rugs

These are Veterinary services and are only performed properly, effectively and without injury by a trained technician with the supervision of the Veterinarian. If any of these conditions appear to need medical attention we will advise you of this when you return, so that they may be addressed by you pet’s vet.

Due to new regulations from the Saskatchewan Veterinarian Medical Association, pet groomers are no longer permitted to express anal glands. For the safety of the dog, anal glands need to be expressed internally which can only be done by a licensed veterinary professional. Pet Groomers caught expressing anal glands may be found guilty of practicing veterinary medicine without a license.

We do not require your pet to be vaccinated. Although, we do highly recommend it since they are in an environment where there are a lot of dogs present. Not all pets are able to be safely vaccinated and we do not want to force vaccinations or turn away any pet. All pets deserve to be pampered!

We wrote a great article talking about why we don't recommend shaving double coated dogs - follow the link to read.

Happy Customers


Ollie looks great after his first time there! He smells awesome and his hair cut is perfect. Thanks for taking care of my boy I will be back!


Jasper looks and smells so good (I can’t stop smelling and hugging him…which he’s tired of)! Thanks to Nikki for being so gentle and patient with my boy and making him look so handsome.


Nikki is a fantastic groomer – I have never found someone who cares for dogs so much. I highly recommend the Mutt Hutt to anyone looking for a groomer!

Your pet deserves to be pampered