Mental Stimulation

Not only do you need to exercise your dog’s body, but you need to exercise their brains too!

Think about it in the sense of a treadmill. Would you rather jump on a treadmill and shut off your mind and just run to nowhere or would you rather run on a trail where there are different things to jump over and climb on. Keeping your dog’s brain alert and focus is very important. It can help keep them from getting bored, disruptive, or destructive.

On top of your 45-60 minutes of exercise every day try and incorporate mental exercise too! It could be fly ball, agility, hide and seek, playing with other dogs, etc. Even practicing tricks or attending training classes is a great mental workout for your dog. Walk a different path every time and switch up which parks you take your dog to.

You will be surprised how mental stimulation can tire out your dog.

Your pet deserves to be pampered