Non-Pet Pet Friendly

Did you know there are non-pet stores that are pet friendly?

Urban Barn, Peavy Mart, Rona, and most greenhouses allow you to bring your leashed dog into the store. I know this is hard to understand, but just because you love your dog doesn’t mean that everyone does! If you head to a store that allows pets be respectful of other people and the store.

  • Keep your dog under control and on a short leash, literally.Don’t allow them to greet everyone, let them approach your dog if they want
  • Don’t stand in the middle of isles.Pick a side and give shoppers ample room to move around you and your pooch
  • When passing shoppers put yourself between them and your pooch.
  • If your pooch gets too excited or too rowdy take them outside to calm them down.
  • If they mark it you buy it

Do you know any non-pet pet friendly stores in Saskatoon?

Your pet deserves to be pampered