Dry Skin and Coat

A large amount of dogs that come to The Mutt Hutt suffer from dry skin and dry coat. There are a few things you can do to help ease the scratching, chewing, and flaking.
Let’s start off with nutrition. A good quality food will help with coat condition, but sometime you need to add a little extra omega into their diet. This can be done in the form of omega pills, fish oil, or even coconut oil. Always talk to you vet about adding supplements to your dog’s diet.

Consistent grooming, whether at home or at the groomers, will help remove dead hair and encourage healthy oils and coat growth. Think about how great your hair feels after you have had the split ends trimmed off.

Proper grooming product is also essential to your dog’s coat and skin. If you are bathing at home it is crucial that you use products formulated for dogs. Human shampoos and conditioners can confuse your dog’s pH levels and some of the ingredients are not pet safe. We also have a few add on spa packages that are designed to help with dry skin and coat.

Your pet deserves to be pampered