Dry Skin and Coat

A large amount of dogs that come to The Mutt Hutt suffer from dry skin and dry coat. There are a few things you can … Read more

Stinky Summer Dog

With this beautiful weather upon us we have a lot of clients telling us that their dogs love to swim, but they hate that dirty … Read more


Lets talk Ticks *Shudder* Its that time of year again when those creepy, crawly, parasites are back. A few things you can do to help … Read more

Retractable Leashes

In theory the retractable leash can sound like a great idea. Your dog is leashed, but still has the ability to smell the roses and … Read more

Dog Park Etiquette

More and more people are heading to the off leash park with their dogs. And why not? What a great to exercise and social your … Read more

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